10 Best Boba Tea Las Vegas 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Boba Tea Las Vegas 2023 – Recently, boba stores have started to appear all throughout Las Vegas. A mixture of milk and tea with black tapioca balls at the bottom is known as boba milk tea, also referred to as bubble tea or pearl milk tea. These balls are known as boba, and boba have a feel similar to gummy bears.

10 Best Boba Tea Las Vegas 2023 - Buyer's Guide

Best Boba Tea Las Vegas 2023

#01 – (Pack of 4) Lady Boba 4 Cans. Milk Bubble Tea

(Pack of 4) Lady Boba 4 Cans. Milk Bubble Tea with Boba Pearls in a Can (10.7oz/can) with Saltation Thank You Card. Choose One from Variety of Flavors: Assorted, Classic, Brown Sugar, Taro, Matcha Latte. Ready To Drink Beverage. (Assorted)
  • PACK OF 4 - Includes 4 cans (10.7oz x4) of Lady Boba Milk Bubble Tea
  • RTD(Ready To Drink) - Conveniently Packaged in a Can
  • 4 DIFFERENT FLAVORS - Classic, Brown Sugar, Taro, Matcha Latte
  • MADE IN TAIWAN - Origin Country of Bubble Tea Production
  • PREMIUM TASTE - Provides excellent taste with authentic milk tea flavors

#02 – Fusion Select Authentic Lychee Bubble Tea

Fusion Select Authentic Lychee Bubble Tea Kit Extra Rich Bubble Tea Drink, Boba Tapioca Pearl, Straws, Popular Bubble Tea Flavors (Thai Tea Kit)
  • ✅ THE COMPLETE MIX - Each box contains Flavored powder, 5 packs of brown sugar boba, and 5 straws. You'll be able to serve and enjoy this sweet drink with your family and friends.
  • ✅ READY IN 45 SECONDS - Get your milk tea fix in less than one minute with our creamy instant boba milk tea that's ready to drink in 45 seconds. You no longer need to go out to enjoy your favorite drink!
  • ✅ EASY TO PREPARE - All you have to do is pour 1 pack in a cup with 150ml hot water until it dissolves. Add 1 boba packet and put it in the microwave for up to 45 seconds until your milk tea's ready.
  • ✅ SERVE IT HOW YOU LIKE IT - Our mix can be used to make hot and iced milk tea drinks or blended frappes and smoothies. You can even add extra ingredients such as whipped cream, jelly, or cookies!
  • ✅ A DELICIOUS GIFT - Do you know anyone who can't live without milk tea? They'll surely appreciate a pack of this instant milk tea mix so they can conveniently make their own drinks at home.

#03 – Instant Boba Tea Kit 9 Drink Packets,

Instant Boba Tea Kit 9 Drink Packets, Straws & Boba Thai, Milk & Green Tea Latte Kit Gift Box by Buddha Bubbles Boba / DeDe
  • 9 DeDe Instant Boba Bubble Tea 3 in 1 Drink Kit
  • Expiration Date: 1 Year
  • Ship via USPS Priority Mail
  • 9 Boba Straws
  • 10 oz pack of 5 Minute Buddha Bubbles Black Tapioca Pearls

#04 – Fusion Select Ultimate Strawberry Bubble Tea DIY Kit

Fusion Select Ultimate Strawberry Bubble Tea DIY Kit – 3-in-1 Bubble Tea Powder, Flavored Bursting Boba, Large Straw
  • 🥤BEST DIY Kit – Our Bubble Tea comes with 3-in-1 Powder, Flavored Bursting Boba, and 5 Large Straw to drink the Boba Whether Bursting
  • 🥤 BURSTING BOBA - The set comes with Bursting Boba - Flavored Bursting Boba in combo with its matched Bubble Tea Powder - Best match
  • 🥤 TEA MADE YOUR WAY - Our pre-mix powdered bubble teas give you more freedom when it comes to taste. Add or lessen powder, or even copy your favorite shop's mixes and add your own toppings, Tapioca Pearl or Bursting Boba your way!
  • 🥤 A GIFT FOR BUBBLE TEA LOVERS - This complete DIY bubble tea kit is a perfect gift for anyone who loves indulging in a cup of boba. It comes in a neat and cute packaging ready to be handed out!
  • 🥤 STRAIGHT FROM BUBBLE TEA CAPITAL - Our product comes from Taiwan, the birthplace of the original bubble tea and boba culture! Unopened packs can last for up to 1 year at room temperature.

#05 – Flavfar Taro Milk Tea with Instant Tapioca Pearls

Flavfar Taro Milk Tea with Instant Tapioca Pearls - Authentic Taro Milk Bubble Tea Kit & Low Calorie, Brown Sugar Boba - Made in Taiwan - 5 Pack (Taro Milk Tea)
  • 🧋 QUICK & CONVENIENT: Unlike traditional boba kits, Flavfar boba pearls allow for easy and instant boba milk tea. In just 25 seconds in the microwave (800W) or 4 minutes in boiling water, the bubble tea is ready to serve. You don’t need any other boba tea machines or tools to make it. Boba balls are individually packed for optimal freshness & trouble-free portion control.
  • 🧋 AUTHENTIC TARO MILK BOBA TEA: Enjoy authentic Taro milk tea anytime and anywhere! Our instant, brown sugar Taro milk tea offers the same delicious taste and unique chewy texture that you love. You can also adjust the taste and texture for your personal preferences. It’s a breakthrough way to instantly prepare your favorite boba tea at home, work, while camping, or on the go.
  • 🧋 EXPERIENCE FLAVFAR QUALITY: Our high-quality boba tea is made in Taiwan and comparable to similar products, like Ten Ren, Chatime, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, Share Tea, Ding Tea, Yi Fang, 50 Lan, Gong Tea. We only serve original boba pearls from Taiwan since they provide the perfect feeling followed by delicious, fruity juice flowing out.
  • 🧋 MAKE A VARIETY OF DRINKS & TREATS: Our Flavfar boba milk tea kit is not only suitable for making bubble tea but it also works great for cocktails, ice cream, yogurt, and several other kinds of dessert. Get creative with this versatile bubble tea kit!
  • 🧋 DESIGNED FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO: Our instant tapioca pearls provide quick beverage solutions for busy people, like workers, parents, and students. No preparation, cooking, added sugar, or refrigeration is needed. Just microwave and add water! The popping boba itself does not need to be prepared or cooked, so it can be enjoyed straight away!

#06 – Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Drink DIY Set |

Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Drink DIY Set | WuFuYuan Black Large Balls 8.8oz (3 pack) + 3 FortuneHouse Reusable Stainless Steel Round Boba Straws, 3 Silicone Tips, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Canvas Bag
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 3x Bags of WuFuYuan Boba Pearls (8.8 oz each), 3x Reusable Stainless Steel Boba Drinking Straws with 3 Food Grade Silicone Tips, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Canvas Carrying Bag. Our food grade straws are the perfect fit for slurping boba pearls. Each straw measures 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) long
  • TOP TIER BOBA: Boba drink masters love this brand because it tastes just right! Consistently chewy, not chalky or powdery. Easy to prepare. Quickly cook in 5 minutes at home. Pair with your favorite milk tea flavor. Each 8.8oz pack contains enough boba pearls to make about 5 drinks.
  • KID FRIENDLY: You'll love our reusable grade 304 stainless steel dishwasher safe straws. Our food grade silicone tips are great for kids who chew on straws. Soft tips won't scratch your lips or teeth.
  • INGREDIENTS: tapioca starch, water, corn starch, caramel, guar gum, sodium diacetate, sodium dehydroacetate, artificial flavor

#07 – J WAY Instant Passionfruit Pineapple Green Tea Kit

J WAY Instant Passionfruit Pineapple Green Tea Kit with Authentic Fruity Colorful Tapioca Boba, Ready in Under One Minute, Paper Straws Included - 3 Servings
  • 🥤 HOMEMADE BOBA TEA KIT - Featuring our Taiwanese Passionfruit Pineapple Green Tea bubble tea with delicious fresh fruity sugar boba pearls, classic green tea and extra wide paper straws!
  • 🥤 HOMEMADE BOBA TEA KIT - Featuring our Taiwanese Passionfruit Pineapple Green Tea bubble tea with delicious fresh fruity sugar boba pearls, classic green tea and extra wide paper straws!
  • 🥤 READY IN UNDER 1 MINUTE - Our boba is made from preservative free instant tapioca pearls coated in brown sugar syrup. Microwave the boba packet, add hot water to tea powder in a cup, and add ice, heated boba, and straw. Yay it's done!
  • 🥤 AUTHENTIC TAIWANESE FRESH BOBA - Our authentic Taiwanese fresh (not dry) tapioca is made with the finest ingredients and our classic tea is delicious.
  • 🥤 CONVENIENT AND EASY - Forget large batches, using bubble tea machines or washing pots & pans to make bubble tea. Take a boba set to the office or school for an easy snack, or stock up your pantry for at home use!

#08 – Ocean Bomb Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls,

Ocean Bomb Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls, Canned Bubble Popping Milk Tea, Ready to Drink in a Can (2 Flavor, 6 Pack)
  • Classic Boba Milk Tea - Made with a safe cold canning process, you can enjoy the ocean bomb milk tea anytime, anywhere.
  • Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea - Our boba milk tea is made with organic tapioca pearls and premium milk. The blend of refreshing and chewy pearls and rich milk tea makes our canned boba milk tea silky in the mouth, creating the unique fragrance of afternoon milk tea.
  • Multiple Ways to Drink - On hot summer days, put bubble tea in the fridge or add some ice cubes for a better taste. You can also add your favorite seasonings (such as pudding, red beans, etc.) to give full play to your preferences to create your own taste.
  • Drink Anytime - The compact can design is easy to store, and the can body is made of high-quality materials to better preserve the rich Taiwanese flavor.
  • Enjoy Easy Time - Our Tapioca Bubble Tea is a good size and you can pack a few pieces for your day out, picnics, travel, and more. Made with authentic milk tea to please boba tea lovers. Enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

#09 – The Original Ultimate D.I.Y. Boba

The Original Ultimate D.I.Y. Boba / Bubble Tea Kit, 60+ Drinks, 6 Flavors, Boba Pearls, Straws and Shaker (Fruity)
  • The ULTIMATE DIY Boba / Bubble Tea Kit
  • Makes 60+ Drinks
  • FRUITY: Banana, Coconut Cream, Mango, Paypaya, Green Apple, Watermelon
  • 2 Packs of 10 oz Black 5 Minute Boba Pearl
  • 10 Fat Boba Straws, and 1 Tea Shaker

#10 – King Ping Best Tea – Oolong Tea Kit

King Ping Best Tea - Oolong Tea Kit with Brown Sugar Boba Pearls, 5 Individual Boba Packets & Milk Tea Powder Packets, 100 Percent Natural Ingredients (5 Servings)
  • HASSLE-FREE TEA PACK - Contains 5 individual packets of brown sugar boba & instant Red Oolong milk tea powder packets - everything you need to make tasty bubble tea at home. Eliminate the pain of making big batches as the DIY kit comes in single servings
  • LOWER CALORIE BOBA JELLY - Made from konjac (and carrageenan), our boba pearls have lower calorie content than regular tapioca boba so you can enjoy authentic Taiwanese boba oolong tea with less of the guilt! Also commonly known as agar or crystal boba
  • FARM-TO-CUP ALL-NATURAL MILK TEA - Made of 100 percent natural New Zealand milk powder and 100 percent natural high mountain oolong tea powder rich in antioxidants and amino acids. The tea powder is free of any artificial additives, coloring, and essence
  • SUPER EASY TO PREPARE - Just combine with water for instant creamy milk tea with intense, flavorful brown sugar boba pearls. Have it as an evening beverage at home or at work, or whip up a drink on your way out, it will be ready in no time!

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