10 Best Foam For Laser Cutting 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Foam For Laser Cutting 2023 – Having recently purchased my first laser power meter, which came supplied with a handy container. I decided that the internal packing (bubble wrap) needed an upgrade and foam was the way to go. So, the first thing I had to learn, was how to laser cut foam.

10 Best Foam For Laser Cutting 2023 - Buyer's Guide

Best Foam For Laser Cutting 2023

#01 – ENJOYWOOD CEL-E10 Laser Engraver,

ENJOYWOOD CEL-E10 Laser Engraver, 50W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine,10-15W Laser Output Power Laser Engraving Machine,0.06 * 0.06mm Double Compressed Spot Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal Etc
  • Double Compression Spot Coupling Technology: laser engraver laser power is 10-15W, ultra fine compressed laser spot is reduced to 0.06*0.06mm, Other 10W Machine laser focus area is 0.06*0.08mm. The smaller the laser spot, the greater the energy of the laser. Laser could control laser beam more accurately to 0.01mm. Cutting and engrving more precision.
  • Fast Engraving and Cutting: The laser engraving machine burning Temperature is up to 1200℃. Engraving & cutting speed is 300% higher than that of ordinary models.Engraving speed up to 11,000mm/min.ENJOYWOOD laser engraver with 50mm focal length, Cutting depth increased by more than 20%,Other 10W Machine With 30mm focal length.
  • Vivid Colors Engraving: Power 10-15W optical power can oxidize the metal surface. Oxidized metals exhibit rich colors.By controlling the speed, power and line spacing you can have color laser engraving.
  • The New Filter Panoramic Glass Eye Protection Design: Plays a very good role in protecting your eyes, filtering 97% of the ultraviolet light, you do not need to wear goggles, you can also watch laser engraving. The emergency stop button and reset switch are more convenient and safe to use.Wide Compatibility: LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10, support macbook system (LightBurn).
  • Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine Carving Objects: metal,ceramics, wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, Cutting Objects:Cardboard, non-woven fabric, Acrylic material, thin plastic board.ENJOYWOOD CEL-E10 laser engraver for wood and metal upgraded dual compression spot coupling Laser technology high-density laser can cut 5mm acrylic and 10mm Wood on one pass can and cut 20mm plank max. Supports offline(TF card) engraving.

#02 – RoMech Rope Cutter Fabric Cutter

RoMech Rope Cutter Fabric Cutter - Pro Electric Hot Knife Heat Sealer with Adjustable Power - Cutting Tool Kit- with Blades & Accessories (100W, RM-014)
  • ✅【CLEAN AND SMOOTH CUT, NO MESS】RoMech hot knives cut fabrics and rope and smooth and fast, seal the edges clean, and leave no debris!
  • ✅【ADJUSTABLE POWER 】The heat can be approximately controlled by using the temperature control dial on the handle. Continuous heat-intensity adjustment ensures the proper temperature for any job
  • ✅【INDUSTRIAL GRADE 】Suitable for commercial and industrial use, it can cut canvas, synthetic fabric, cloth, rope and cord etc
  • ✅【HANDY KIT 】Includes RoMech heat cutter, one type-R blade, blade guide, hard plastic case, hex wrench and cleaning brush. Ideal for use in architectural modelling, design and DIY projects
  • ✅【RoMech BRAND QUALITY COMMITMENT】We stand behind the quality of our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We provide 45-day money back and 12-month warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for risk-free shopping!

#03 – SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver,

SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraver, 90W Effect High Precision CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, High Energy Laser Cutter for 15mm Wood, 0.06mm Ultra-Fine Fixed-Focus Compressed Spot, Expandable Area
  • High Energy Cutting & Ultra-Fine Laser Beam - S9 uses the latest 5.5W laser beam shaping technology diode laser, it has an ultra-fine 0.06*0.06mm sharp compressed laser focus spot and 0.01mm engraving accuracy. With super cutting penetration and precision, he can cut up to 15mm thick wood, 10mm acrylic, 10mm plywood, engraving ceramics and stainless steel.
  • Safety Protection Design - Laser filter cover can filter 98% of UV light to protect your eyes, no need to wear goggles to watch laser engraving and prevent pets from catching the laser spot. Equipped with a power switch to easily turn on, or turn off the machine in case of emergency. A4 size steel pad protects the table from laser damage and isolates fire hazards.
  • Extensive Compatibility & Uses - Compatible various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, supports PWM mode engraving, supports Windows system, Apple system (LightBurn), and engraving file format support JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, etc. Engraving materials: wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, PCB board, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, ceramic, stone, etc. Cutting material: wood, acrylic, plywood, fabric, bamboo, plastic board, etc.
  • Expandable Engraving Area & Quality Assurance - You can purchase the SCULPFUN extension kit to extend the engraving area up to 400x950mm (37.4"x16.14") to help you better handle large engraving or cutting jobs. Anodized aluminum alloy durable structure improves engraving accuracy and service life. The machine enjoys a one-year warranty and attentive customer service.

#04 – SCULPFUN S30 (S9 Upgraded) Laser Engraver

SCULPFUN S30 (S9 Upgraded) Laser Engraver with Auto Air Assist Pump, Nozzle, Limit Switchs, 5W CNC Laser Cutter, Industrial Grade Accuracy Engraving Machine, 10 Times Longer Laser Service Life
  • Automatic Air Assist System: Other air assist needs to be manually turned off when engraving, otherwise it will destroy the engraving pattern or text. The S30 series comes standard with a 32-bit air-assist motherboard and automatic air pump, which can be turned on/off intelligently(air assist turns off automatically when engraving and turns on automatically when cutting). Save the time and trouble of doing it manually or avoid bad engraving due to mistakes.
  • Powerful 5W Dual Laser Output: The S30 laser cutting machine combines 2 high-density, sharp laser beams into 1 to cut 5mm balsa wood and 3mm plywood in 1 pass. With high-pressure airflow from the air-assisted nozzle dramatically increases cutting efficiency, cutting more than 5 times faster than without air assist.
  • Higher Precision Engraving & Cutting: S30 series laser engraving machine adopts extremely sturdy 0.005mm high precision linear slide rail X-axis, and a 0.08mm x 0.06mm ultra-fine compressed spot, making it reach industrial grade engraving accuracy. Achieve detailed and realistic engraved images .
  • Smooth Edge & Deeper Cutting: Use air to quickly reduce the surface temperature of the cut object to avoid deformation and discoloration caused by high laser temperature, and powerful airflow to blow away the residue, ensure clean surface and smooth cutting edge, speeding up the cutting process and increasing the cutting depth.
  • Expandable Engraving Area for Both XY Axis: The S30 series has an innovative XY axis expandable design. The original engraving area is about 400x400mm, we offer two additional engraving area options: Y-axis extension kit for 935x400mm, or upgraded XY axis expansion kit for 935x905mm(36.8x35.6"), which can help you better handle larger engraving or cutting jobs.

#05 – GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine

GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit, 100-240V /18W Styrofoam Cutting Pen with Electronic Voltage Transformer Adaptor
  • ✔【3 TOOLS IN 1】Cut or engrave foam complete tool set. 18w high power foam cutter with Ul approved power supply and On / Off safety button, 12cm & 7cm wand style hot knife, 18cm bow hot blade, 10m replacement wire for bow, cutter holder.
  • ✔【CLEAN-AND-SMOOTH CUTTING】It heats up quickly, the tube will reached 150℃ within 10 seconds. It cuts the styrofoam smoothly and fast, seals the edges clearly, and No Debris! You can cut the foam coard or foam block from any angle and craft into your desired shape.
  • ✔【PRODUCT USAGE】You can cut foam from any angle and craft your own masterpiece, such as Halloween Costumes, Handmade Practice, Even Model Making Lessons by kids at school. It is also perfect for commercial artwork development, complex and small font design in advertisement (such as letters), art piece creation by hobbyist, foam carving, art model making, DIY craft projects in home & school.
  • ✔【PREMIUM QUALITY】This foam cutting set is the most cost-effective tool. It allows users to work more easily on advertising words making, art Modeling and various foam cutting projects. This Foam Cutting Tool is made of high quality stainless metal. having longer service life. It is an indispensable tool for foam cutting and engraving.
  • ✔【MAINTENANCE SUGGESTION】Please let it he heat up for a whlie before using, and take a rest when it keeps working for more than 30 minutes. After it cools down, please wipe the heating needle with a damp sponge to avoid blackening and hardening caused by adhesion Of oxides.

#06 – Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro, 3000mW

Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro, 3000mW Laser Engraving Machine, 0.05mm Accuracy, BT Connection Portable Mini Laser Cutter Engraver Tool for Wood Vinyl Leather Glass, DIY Art, Logo Design
  • 【SMALL SIZE. POWERFUL LASER】Its 3000mW laser power makes it faster and more powerful than other portable engravers. It makes engraving on harder surfaces a breeze! Engraving materials include: cardboard, wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, cut paper or other flammable materials (such as mobile phone cases, mice, business cards, wallets, glass must be spray paint etc.). Note: stainless steel, metal, glass, crystal and transparent or translucent stuff can not be engraved.
  • 【SIMPLE CONNECT. SMART CONTROL】You can connect via BT to connect your android or IOS mobile phone. Once you connect, you’ll select your design in the App and start the engraving process. You can also connect via USB to connect to your Windows or Mac computer. Our App is completely free and the operation interface is brief, which supports various files. There are four models engraving black and white, discrete, outline and supported image formats are JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG.
  • 【DURABLE DESIGN】This is a miniature laser engraving machine with a closed and hidden body design. It’s the perfect portable art studio you can bring anywhere! Built-in protective lenses to reduce harmful blue light from laser enable you to safely observe the engraving process without harm to your eyes when using the proper eye protection. The built-in exhaust van stops any smoke from the engraving process from affecting the final design and helps to dissipate heat.
  • 【EASY-TO-USE & ENGRAVE SAFELY】K6 mini laser engraver projects a preview of your image on the surface before engraving! It displays the planned size of the engraving, making it super easy to see where your finished project will be located. Movement Protection & Overheating Monitoring: When you are engraving, If the inner temperature approaches its heat threshold or an accidental movement is noticed during operation, it will shut down immediately to ensure the safety of users and equipment.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE AND AFTER - SALE SERVICE】We have a professional customer service team. If you need a pre-sale consultant or encounter any problems, you can get more product-related service and help through the support website (Contact Customer Service)! The WAINLUX K6 laser engraving machine has passed CE, FCC, FDA certification. We are so confident that you will love this laser engraver.

#07 – Fiskars 190500 RazorEdge Micro-Tip Easy Action Shears,

Fiskars 190500 RazorEdge Micro-Tip Easy Action Shears, 5 Inch, Orange and Gray
  • Ideal for cutting in tight spaces and detailed cuts through fabrics like silk, oil cloth, light leather, polyester, cotton, crepe, felt and much more
  • RazorEdge Shears feature ultra-sharp, premium-grade stainless-steel blades with a precisely honed edge that glides through fabric for clean cuts all the way to the tip
  • Micro-Tip blades offer unmatched cutting precision, especially in tight spaces
  • Spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain

#08 – GE Soft Travel Backpack with Laser-Cut

GE Soft Travel Backpack with Laser-Cut Foam Inserts for DJI Phantom 4 Drone
  • Engineered with mobility in mind, the Soft Backpack was crafted specifically for the DJI Phantom 4 and other similar-sized drones to protect your equipment from impact and prevent shifting while you are on the move.
  • Laser precision-cut foam inserts are perfectly shaped to hold your DJI Phantom 4 and accessories. EVA material combined with cotton damping rubber interior prevents shaking or shifting while you are moving and ensures that your equipment is protected at all times.
  • In addition to the main pocket that holds your drone, remote, propellers and batteries; the extra side and frontal pocket can be used to hold other accessories such as filter kits, cleaning cloths and more!
  • The foam inserts are removeable so you can easily convert your drone bag into an everyday backpack. Great for practical everyday use.
  • Size: 15.4 x 9.5 x 18.5 inches / 39 x 24 x 47 centimeters | Compatibility: Fit for DJI Phantom 4, Vision 2, Vision+ 3, DJI 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard, 4K Cameras and Accessories

#09 – SainSmart Brown Resin Board – Proofing

SainSmart Brown Resin Board – Proofing Pack (2pcs) for CNC, Laser Cutting, Wood Burning & DIY
  • SainSmart’s new Brown Resin board is a medium-high density polyurethane material that is a perfect compliment to your hobby and professional workflow.
  • Developed to meet the growing demand for high-quality materials that are suited for high tolerance jobs and finishes reserved for Master Patterns and finished good prototypes.
  • Featuring an ultra-smooth finish and excellent environmental stability, you can be sure your SainSmart Brown Resin board will maintain tolerances even when exposed to high temperature or humidity extremes making it an excellent choice for high detail projects.
  • SainSmart Brown Resin board is a great balance between quality and ease of use. Perfect for use with a variety of CNC Tooling bits that is also easy to cut, sand or shape.
  • SainSmart Brown Resin board will reduce residual particles while engraving, so it is easy for you to clean up.

#10 – LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver,

LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver, Laser Engraving Machine with Roller Portable Laser Engraver Cutter Compact Desktop Handheld Laser Etching Machine for Coated Metal Leather - with Storage Box/Power Bank
  • 🎅𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞: This package increases a power bank. With the help of the power bank, eliminate the shackles of the device from the power cord, greatly enhancing the experience. Package includes: Laser Unit; Electric stand; Roller(the 3rd Axis); Protective shield; Adapter; Laser safety glasses; Type-C cable; Manual; Storage Box; Power Bank.
  • 🎄𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐭 & 𝐀𝐜𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞: Laser runs Max speed 36000mm/min, 0.05mm laser spot create more details,plus 3 resolution options 1k/1.3k/ 2k provide perfect details level. Frame/Graphic preview speed up to 225000mm/min.
  • ☃️𝟑𝟔𝟎° 𝐑𝐨𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐲/𝐌𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠: With the 3rd Axis(Roller), LaserPecker 2 Laser engraver can do 360° rotary engraving on cylindrical, engraved surfaces such as tumbler / pencil, as well as mobile engraving, max 100x2000mm engraving size.
  • 🎁𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐔𝐬𝐞: Plug and play, sets up in seconds and works with Smartphone / PC to transfer images, keep 11cm (4.3in) Laser Distance and correct power/depth, you can begin engraving with a few clicks.
  • 🤶𝐅𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 & 𝐖𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐔𝐬𝐞𝐝: LaserPecker 2 laser engraving machine CAN Engrave: Cardboard/Wood/Leather/Oxidized Aluminum/Brushed Stainless Steel etc. CAN’T Engrave: Gold/Silver/Copper/Brass etc. CAN Cutting: Wood/Paper/Leather (thickness within 5mm).

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