10 Mira 7 Laser Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Mira 7 Laser Reviews 2023 – Both printers have their pros and cons, but I think the Glowforge wins out on most points. Read my full review to see why!

10 Mira 7 Laser Reviews 2023 - Buyer's Guide

Mira 7 Laser Reviews 2023

#01 – JICCODA L1 10W Laser Engraver Machine,

JICCODA L1 10W Laser Engraver Machine,60W DIY Laser Cutter and High Power Laser Engraving Machine for Wood and Metal, Paper, Acrylic,Fabric,Compressed Spot 0.05mm High Precision
  • ✬POWERFUL 10W DUAL LASER OUTPUT:JICCODA L1 laser engraver combines 2 laser beams into 1 beam,which can cut 10mm wood board and 5mm black acrylic board in one pass.10W is the laser output power, this number measures the cutting capacity of the machine,60W is the machine power of the laser machine.
  • ✬HIGHER ENGRAVING AND CUTTING ACCURACY AND EASY INSTALLATION: JICCODA L1 laser engraving machine,0.05mm*0.05mm ultra-fine compressed spot,engraving image is delicate and alive.Let you get better results more easily.Simple and generous design enables you to install in a very fast time period.
  • ✬SAFETY PERFORMANCE AND EXCELLENT MATERIAL:high strength aluminum,more durable and stable, flame detection,emergency stop switch and 15 °tilt angle protection function,can better maintain safe engraving work.One-piece screw,the fastest running speed can reach 10000mm/min,more stable and flexible when carving complex patterns,so you can get better results more easily.
  • ✬WHAT YOU GET: 1x JICCODA L1 Laer engraving machine,1x eye protection glasses,1x power supply and transmission data cable,1x TF card (installation video and driving machine steps included),1x installation tool and manual
  • ✬WIDE COMPATIBILITY:The Laser Cutting machine can be compatible with various mature carving software and can APP control,such as LaserGRBL (free),LightBurn (paid),LaserGRBL supports Windows XP/7/8/10/11,LightBurn supports Mac OS and windows,carving file formats support NC, BMP and JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.

#02 – ATOMSTACK S20 PRO Laser Engraver with Air Assist Kits,

ATOMSTACK S20 PRO Laser Engraver with Air Assist Kits, 130W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, 20W Optical Power 0.08 * 0.1mm Compressed Spot Laser Cutter for Metal, Offline Engraving (S20 Pro Engraver)
  • ▶【Upgrades in Configurations】- ATOMSTACK S20 Pro laser engraver is the first 130W semiconductor laser engraving machine. It uses the newest generation of four 6W laser coupling technology to produce the output optical power soars to 20W. Also it is equipped with 32-bit motherboard, built-in 256-bit color scale and offline control terminal board.
  • ▶【Engraving in Vibrant Colors】- ATOMSTACK laser engraver with a 32-bit motherboard works more smoothly and stable. The advanced built-in 256-bit color scale with 0.08 * 0.1mm laser spot area makes the engraved pattern more contrast and more obvious. The finished pattern is like sketching on paper. the effect is more delicate and natural in the overlay of black and white.
  • ▶【Cutting on Thicker Materials 】- ATOMSTACK laser cutter with the most advanced 20W compressed spot makes cutting more powerful and faster. It can cut 15-20mm thick tung wood board and 8-10mm thick black acrylic board at one pass and easily cut more than 40 kinds of materials such as 0.05mm thick stainless steel board.
  • ▶【Operating in Three Methods】- There are 3 operating methods (Computer Software / Machine Control Board by TF Card / Mobiles APP). We have developed an ATOMSTACK APP to connect to the S20 Pro laser engraving machine, supporting Android and Apple mobile systems. Besides, It is equipped with a controller and emergency stop button, so that completely offline engraving can be achieved. So even without network or computer, you also can do it.
  • ▶【Equipped with Air Assist Kits】- The S20 PRO laser cutting machine is equipped with an upgraded F30 pro air assist kit, which have dual built-in air-assist pumps. It makes it twice as efficient as other air assist units. The air assist kit keeps the surface clean and greatly optimizes engraving works' quality. The thick aluminum cover makes it stronger and more durable, generating less heat and lasting longer.

#03 – MYSWEETY 2 in 1 5500mW CNC 3018 Pro Engraver Machine,

MYSWEETY 2 in 1 5500mW CNC 3018 Pro Engraver Machine, GRBL Control 3 Axis DIY CNC Router Kit with 5.5W Module, Plastic Acrylic PCB PVC Wood Carving Milling Engraving Machine with Offline Controller
  • 🛠️【2-IN-1 CNC 3018 Pro】 - Designed for the absolute beginner, this machine is a great tool for starting CNC learning. It come with the spindle motor and 5.5W module on Z axis. If you use the spindle, please remove the module.
  • 🛠️【Offline Controller】- The offline controller is 1G Capacity. You can control the CNC router without connecting to the computer. The CNC router can be placed wherever you want, such as garage and workshop.
  • 🛠️【New Control Board】- Integrated driver chip + fixed heat sink + external fan + sturdy casing to extend the life of the control board, Self-contained short circuit protection, Not easy to damage. 12 Months Warranty.
  • 🛠️【Versatile】- Capable of cutting all types of plastics, woods, acrylics(Only suitable for spindle milling cutter engraving), PVCs, and PCBs, the MYSWEETY can be used on a wide range of projects and materials.
  • 🛠️【Simple Assembly】- Assembly instructions are provided, but if you get stuck, contact us with any questions that arise. Thank you!

#04 – Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro,

Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro, 3000mW Laser Engraving Machine, 0.05mm Accuracy, BT Connection Portable Mini Laser Cutter Engraver Tool for Wood Vinyl Leather Glass, DIY Art, Logo Design
  • 【SMALL SIZE. POWERFUL LASER】Its 3000mW laser power makes it faster and more powerful than other portable engravers. It makes engraving on harder surfaces a breeze! Engraving materials include: cardboard, wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, cut paper or other flammable materials (such as mobile phone cases, mice, business cards, wallets, glass must be spray paint etc.). Note: stainless steel, metal, glass, crystal and transparent or translucent stuff can not be engraved.
  • 【SIMPLE CONNECT. SMART CONTROL】You can connect via BT to connect your android or IOS mobile phone. Once you connect, you’ll select your design in the App and start the engraving process. You can also connect via USB to connect to your Windows or Mac computer. Our App is completely free and the operation interface is brief, which supports various files. There are four models engraving black and white, discrete, outline and supported image formats are JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG.
  • 【DURABLE DESIGN】This is a miniature laser engraving machine with a closed and hidden body design. It’s the perfect portable art studio you can bring anywhere! Built-in protective lenses to reduce harmful blue light from laser enable you to safely observe the engraving process without harm to your eyes when using the proper eye protection. The built-in exhaust van stops any smoke from the engraving process from affecting the final design and helps to dissipate heat.
  • 【EASY-TO-USE & ENGRAVE SAFELY】K6 mini laser engraver projects a preview of your image on the surface before engraving! It displays the planned size of the engraving, making it super easy to see where your finished project will be located. Movement Protection & Overheating Monitoring: When you are engraving, If the inner temperature approaches its heat threshold or an accidental movement is noticed during operation, it will shut down immediately to ensure the safety of users and equipment.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE AND AFTER - SALE SERVICE】We have a professional customer service team. If you need a pre-sale consultant or encounter any problems, you can get more product-related service and help through the support website (Contact Customer Service)! The WAINLUX K6 laser engraving machine has passed CE, FCC, FDA certification. We are so confident that you will love this laser engraver.

#05 – JOY SPOT! 48W Laser Engraver Machine,

JOY SPOT! 48W Laser Engraver Machine, Cutting Machine with 5W-5.5W Output Power, 0.08mm Eye Protection Compressed Spot, 15.7"x15.7" Laser Engraving Area for DIY Metal, Wood etc
  • 【Ultra-Fine Laser Engraver】It has professional motherboard, which is smarter, faster, more accurate and easier to use. The laser engraving output power is 5W-5.5W, Engraving area is 400*400mm. Ultra-fine laser focal area is reduced to 0.08*0.08mm, The engraving machine speed can be as high as 10000 mm/min.
  • 【Broad Compatibility & Uses】Laser cutting engraving machine is unleash your creativity on over one hundred materials including paper, bamboo, wood, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, metal, glass, etc. It is compatible with mature engraving software-LaserGRBL(free), LightBurn(paid); supports Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, Mac and Linux system; file types BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG, SVG etc.
  • 【Safety Protection】Laser Engraver newly upgraded Safety protection. 1. There is a G-sensor on the motherboard, When the engraving machine is displaced or tilted, it will automatically stop the laser; 2. If your computer system halted or USB cable disconnected, led to that the laser engraver stops moving, the laser beam will stop, to prevent fire. 3. The engraving machine is turned on, but there is no movement for a long time, the laser will be turned off automatically.
  • 【New Eye Protection Design】The laser engraving machine with newest panoramic filter glass protective cover plays a very good role in protecting your eyes, filtering 97% of the ultraviolet light to perfectly protect your eyes to reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing goggles.
  • 【Quality and Assurance】The entire engraving machine adopts a modular design, which is convenient for users to assemble, repair, and replace and update machine parts. We only provide Amazon customers with the best quality and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. The engraving machine enjoys a one-year warranty. If the engraving machine fails during the warranty period, please contact us.

#06 – NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver,

NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver, 810x460mm App Control DIY Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine Support LightBurn & LaserGRBL, 10W+ Laser Module with Auto Air Assist and Smoke Control
  • 【Top Engraving Capability】A40640 is the world's first dual-beam engraving and cutting module with a zoom design. 10W+ output power, down to 0.04mm focal length, gives the A40640 the best metal engraving capability, fast grooving capability, and thick material cutting compatibility, making it the most widely used wide range of modules. It has a top artistic performance in engraving stainless steel grayscale, stone engraving, glass engraving, hardwood relief, canvas art and other materials
  • 【Performance Improvement】The optimized A40640 II short focus is suitable for engraving hard materials such as metal stone and cutting high-density materials such as MDF; The long focus has better depth of field and smaller included angle for cutting thick wood and other materials. Due to the high power density, it has an equivalent application higher than 20W laser in large area image engraving. If you only consider 1 module to help you solve all the needs, it is the best choice
  • 【Large Engraving Area & Meet Various Engraving Needs】460x810mm is the largest engraving area on the market. At the same time, under the NEJE Win software, the engraving area can be expanded to 1030x810mm through the accessories provided by NEJE(This accessory needs to be purchased additionally). You can engrave on more than 100 materials such as balsa, wood, plastic, leather, black acrylic, etc., unleash your creativity to meet your various needs
  • 【Sturdy Structure & Easy Installation】NEJE 3 Max laser engraver machine adopts an all-metal structural frame, which makes the machine more stable and durable, and improves the engraving accuracy. NEJE 3 entire engraving machine adopts a modular design, which is easy to assemble, repair and update machine parts. The basic frame only needs 6 screws to complete the installation, and you can install other accessories according to your needs
  • 【Extensive Software Compatibility】 NEJE 3 Max laser engraver for wood and metal is compatible with various mature engraving software on the market (LaserGRBL&Lightburn), support Win 7/Win 8/XP/Win10, and Mac & IOS system. NEJE 3 Max has added APP wireless control function, under NEJE software after the image uploaded, you can unplug the USB cable for offline use. Also added low light display function in lightburn working mode

#07 – Latitool F50 Laser Engraver,

Latitool F50 Laser Engraver, 50W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, 5.5-7.5W Laser Power, DIY Engraver Tool for Metal/Glass Etching Kit/Wood Carving, Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm, Area(15.74"x16.14")
  • First Choice for Creative: LATITOOL F50 laser engraving machine can engrave various materials like metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, lacquered metal, etc. You can create your own engraved work for your favorites, realize your imagination.
  • Excellent Laser Engraving Technology: LATITOOL F50 laser cutter with 5~5.5w output power with 0.08mm ultra-fine compression laser focus area, the engraving accuracy reaches 0.01mm, which makes more refined engraving process, it makes easy cut on wood and acrylic.
  • 180° Panoramic Visible:UV filter-retardant acrylic on laser module can filter 97% of the ultraviolet light, protecting your eyes and people around you,and special design with 180° panoramic viewing area, can be enjoy to watching your artworks producing.
  • Solid & Easy Installation Structure Design: Industrial grade steel structure design makes the laser cutter and engraver machine more reliable and improves engraving accuracy. The entire engraver tool adopts a modular design, which is convenient for users to assemble, repair, replace and update laser engraving machine parts. And the assembly can generally be completed within 10-20 minutes.
  • Large carving Area: 400*410mm (15*16 inch) Large engraving range to meet various DIY needs. Unleash your creativity on over one hundred materials including black metal and wood, acrylic, paper, glass, bamboo, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, etc.

#08 – Twotrees TTS-25 20W Laser Engraver

Twotrees TTS-25 20W Laser Engraver Machine Laser Cutter Laser Cutting Engraving Machine Engraving Tool for Wood Leather Aluminum
  • Laser power: 2.5W, machine output power: 20W.
  • Fixed Focus Laser: TTS-25 uses fixed focus laser, no need to adjust the focus before engraving, engraving accuracy: 0.1mm.nge paper.
  • 🍀 32-bit Motherboard 🍀: The motherboard adopts 32-bit dual-core MCU, which has a faster processing speed, and the engraving speed can reach 10000mm/min. Laser can engrave online and TF card offline engraving. Due to the built-in WIFI module, you can also use mobile phone App and computer WEB for engraving.
  • 【Perfectly Compatible System】 Use LaserGRBL or LightBurn (It's the world's most popular paid carving software, very easy to use). Supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (use LaserGRBL), Mac OS and Linux (use LightBurn). mobile app: MKSLaser (for Android and IOS system), can be downloaded from the mobile store.
  • Capability of engraving and cutting: TTS-25 is mainly used for engraving. TTS-25 laser can engrave wood, plywood, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, acrylic, etc. Laser can cut 2mm plywood. Working Area: 300x300mm.

#09 – LaserPecker 2(Pro) Laser Engraver,

LaserPecker 2(Pro) Laser Engraver, 60W Laser Engraving Machine Handheld 5W Compressed Spot 0.05mm High Precision, 36000mm/min High Speed Laser Etching Cutter for Wood Alloy Leather - with Roller
  • 🎅🎅New Upgrade Version: The LaserPecker L2 Laser Engraver with the dual lens galvanometer technology makes this gadget runs faster than those with same power. 1417"/min max engraving speed, Frame/Graphic preview speed up to 8858"/min. 0.05mm compressed spot create more details, 3 resolution options 1k/1.3k/ 2k provide perfect details level.
  • 🎄🎄360° Rotary/Mobile Engraving: With the help of the 3rd Axis (rotatry module), LaserPecker L2 engraving tool can do 360° rotary engraving on cylindrical surfaces such as bottle, pencil; At the same time support extended to "slab mode" and "trolly mode", extend the engraving length to 78"-196" (the width remains the same as 4").
  • ☃️☃️Easy to Use: Our laser cutter plug and play, no tedious installation required. Innovative handle design, support hand-held engraving, not limited by the scene. Small size, easy to take on-the-go. Easily connect with smartphone or PC, set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. Keep 11cm(4.33") Laser Distance, set correct power/depth for different materials. File format supports jpg./svg./png./bmp./DWG./Al./CDR./G-code and more.
  • 🎁🎁Functional & Widely Used: LaserPecker L2 engraving machine CAN Engrave: Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Leather, Acrylic, Anodized/Painted Aluminum, Stainless steel, etc; CAN’T Engrave: Pure metal (such as pure gold, sterling silver, copper etc.), and PVC, PET and other plastics; CAN Cutting: Wood, Paper, Leather (thickness within 0.2"). ATTENTION: light color or transparent material will reflect laser, paint/spray it black with marker before engraved and wipe when jobs done.
  • 🦌🦌Safety&Guarantee: The grabadora laser with blue light filter protection cover and glasses, can effectively prevent blue light from damaging eyes. Overheating power off/Displacement power off/Preset password and emergency stop button etc. multiple functions ensure the safety during the engraving process and avoid personal and property injuries caused by improper operation. 💎We offers a 12-month warranty. If you have any questions during use, please contact us without hesitation.

#10 – SCULPFUN Laser Engraver Enclosure with Vent,

SCULPFUN Laser Engraver Enclosure with Vent, Fireproof & Dustproof Laser Enclosure for Most Laser Engraving Machine, Smoke & Odor Insulation, Noise Reduction, Eye Protection, 700x700x460mm
  • 【High Strength Fireproof Technology】The laser engraver enclosure is made of high-quality double-sided silicone coated Plexiglas fiber that can withstand temperatures up to 1832°F (1000°C) and is resistant to instantaneous high temperatures. We guarantee that burning with a lighter for 5 minutes will not cause any problems. If not, we will give you a full refund.
  • 【Noise Reduction, Smoke & Odor Insulation】Laser enclosure with double-sided silicone coating is highly sealed and isolates 99% of dust particles, fumes, odors, and noise during the cutting and engraving process. Protects you from smoke, noise, and pungent odors, ensuring your safe and healthy laser engraving environment. In addition, it also serves as a dust cover to protect the laser engraver.
  • 【Large Size & Wide Applicability】Extra large space for laser engraving machine protection cover (700*700*460mm/27.5*27.5*18in). Higher than other laser enclosure, can be used for laser rotary roller engraving taller objects. Compatible with most engraving machines on the market, such as fiber/co2/k40 laser engraver, as long as the size is within this range.
  • 【Exclusive Eye-protection Viewing Window Design】Laser cutter enclosure viewing window size 53x60mm (20.8*23.6inch), made of double-layer light-filtered PVC material, which can reduce the blue light produced by laser engraving and protect your eyes. The beveled design of the laser enclosure allows you to better observe the machine's operation, giving you a good laser engraving experience.
  • 【Easy to Install and Store】Easy to carry and assemble, no need for any other tools, and can be installed in minutes. The laser engraver cover can be easily folded when not in use to help you save space. Stainless steel structure bracket, more stable overall. (Includes clear installation instruction manual)

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