10 Omtech 80w Laser Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Omtech 80w Laser Reviews 2023 – Laser cutting at home and in the office is as accessible as it’s ever been. Powering countless home businesses, this affordable tech is a gateway to monetizable crafts for both first-timers and experienced makers alike.

10 Omtech 80w Laser Reviews 2023 - Buyer's Guide

Omtech 80w Laser Reviews 2023

#01 – OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter with 20 x 28in Work Area, Laser Engraving Cutting Machine with Ruida Digital LCD Control Real-Time Power Data, Safety Sensor, USB Port, Air Assist(MF2028-80)
  • FOR HOME AND BUSINESS: Includes our powerful 80-watt Laser Tube and our largest cutting surface at 20” x 28” - nearly 4 square feet of working area to fit your larger projects! Engraving Speed: 0-500 mm/s. Cutting Speed: 0-80 mm/s. Adjustable resolution up to 4500 dpi.
  • UPGRADED DIGITAL DISPLAY & SAFETY FEATURES: The upgraded Ruida digital control display works intuitively with the multi-window transparent cover to observe & control laser processes and correct misplacements. The new Auto-Shutdown Sensor shuts off the laser system upon opening the hood cover. Built-in Air Compressor and aluminum vent piping ensure superior ventilation.
  • ENGRAVE A MULTITUDE OF MATERIALS: Works wonders on Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Leather, Ceramics, Tile, Fabric, Cloth, Fiberglass, Marble, Cork, Jade, Acrylic, Veneer, Corian, Coated Metals, Anodized Aluminum, Mylar, Delrin, Melamine, Pressboard, Matte Board, and more Non-Metal Materials.
  • THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE: The open-source platform is compatible with any laser software program such as LightBurn, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and CorelDRAW. RDWorks/Corellaser software is included to get you started (PC ONLY). No PC? You can also upload directly from a USB stick or a hard drive.
  • INNOVATIVE PASS-THRU: The integrated entrance and exit doors allow longer items to protrude from the engraving surface to accommodate oversized and irregular-shaped products which would be impossible with most other engravers.

#02 – OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver,

OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver, 80W Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine, 20x28 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with Red Dot Pointer Autolift Autofocus Air Assist and LightBurn for Wood Acrylic More
  • CO2 LASER WITH LIGHTBURN: Whether professional engraver or inspired DIYer, this 80W laser engraver and cutter from OMTech will allow you to bring your ideas to life with greater speed and precision than ever before, cutting up to 1/3" through plywood or acrylic; the bundled LightBurn, along with the advanced features of the intuitive digital control panel and bundled Windows-compatible editions of RDWorks 8 & CorelLaser will let you create and recreate even your most intricate designs perfectly
  • AUTOMATED 20x28 BED: The spacious 20x28 inch workbed provides 3.8 square feet of room to fit almost any project, while the four-way 32.8x3.9 front & back and 19.6x0.7 on either side pass-through doors open up even greater possibilities; everything adjusts automatically up and down at the touch of a button, with a preinstalled autofocus and red light pointer letting you get right to work
  • SAFE & EASY OPERATION: A digital laser power supply provides sure and easily monitored operation for your tube's expected 8000 hour life; password & key protection prevents unauthorized use; the wide viewing cover includes tinted eye protection and automatically cuts power when opened; a built-in air assist quickly blows away smoke, dust, and spark to protect the laser lenses and reflective mirrors
  • FAST & FULLY ADJUSTABLE: This CO2 laser system marks wood, paper, plastics, leather, fabric, stone, and a wide range of other nonmetallic materials at up to 23.6 inches per second (600 mm/s) with pinpoint accuracy; its intuitive panel works with most third-party graphic software, easily receiving files via Ethernet or USB
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT & SERVICE: From garage artists to backyard businesses to professional workshops, the OMTech community continues to grow thanks to our passionate dedication to making quality engraving available to all; order your own engraver today and enjoy fast US-based shipping, a strong 2 year general warranty (1 year for tube & power supply), and ever helpful customer service and tech support

#03 – Commarker 2W Fiber Laser Engraver,

Commarker 2W Fiber Laser Engraver, 2 in1 Split Desktop and Portable Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal,Plastic.Printed Wood,Jewelry, Pen,Tag,Tumblers(110x110mm)
  • 【Real Parameters】Laser Power: 2W, 110V. Working Area: 110mm×110mm (4.33*4.33inch), ;Digital galvanomenter laser acanner head with fast marking speed.
  • 【Size of B5 】About our 2in1 fiber laser engraver, Wight:only 5.8kg(12.79lbs), Size:37.7 x 26.6 x 46.15cm(14.84x10.47x18.17 inch)
  • 🔅Rotary chuck/axis/roller is not supported. 🔅Engraving without depth. 🔅Wavelength: 1064nm. Frequency: 15-25kH.
  • 🔅24h customer service, Any before or after sale problem will be solved smoothly. Our products have two-year life warranty.
  • Our B5 2-in-1 machine can engrave metal, gun parts, tumblers,stainless steel knife, non-metal, plastic, lacquered wood, etc.

#04 – OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver and Cutter

OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver and Cutter with 24x35 Inch Auto Lift Workbed, Autofocus, Laser Engraving Cutting Etching Machine with LightBurn, Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux System
  • PREMIUM 80W TUBE: This 80W laser engraving and cutting machine by OMTech comes with a high-performance CO2 tube to engrave your designs even more quickly, clearly, and deeply into wood, paper and cardboard, plastics and acrylic, leather and fabric, and a wide range of other nonmetallic materials
  • MOTORIZED WORKBED & AUTOFOCUS: This OMTech laser cutter offers a wide 24x35 inch workspace made even more useful by the machine's automatic focusing, honeycomb and knife blade engraving platforms, 4 wide pass-through doors, and motorized bed, which eliminates tedious manual adjustment and speeds up your production
  • RUIDA DIGITAL CONTROLS: The Ruida panel for this laser engraver features advanced functions to realize your sophisticated engravings perfectly; its convenient LCD screen provides complete control over the laser marking process and a Windows-compatible edition of RDWorks v8 comes included for easy precision work
  • LIGHTBURN SOFTWARE INCLUDED: With LightBurn Software, you can operate the machine with Win 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX and Linux systems. LightBurn gives you full control over all OMTech Co2 Laser Engravers and most other DSP controlled laser engraving tool machines. A license will be sent to you automatically in your order receipt email.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT & SERVICE: From garage artists to backyard businesses to professional workshops, the OMTech community continues to grow thanks to our passionate dedication to making quality engraving available to all; order your own engraver today and enjoy fast US-based shipping, a strong 2 year general warranty (1 year for tube & power supply), and ever helpful customer service and tech support

#05 – OMTech 80W Industrial Air Purifier

OMTech 80W Industrial Air Purifier with 4 Layer Air Filter, 106cfm Intake Fume Extractor for Laser Engraver and Cutter Soldering Station CNC Machine Exhaust Fans, Portable Smoke Absorber Purifier
  • INDUSTRIAL FUME EXTRACTOR: This 80W fume extractor from OMTech creates a powerful 106 cfm airflow to pull in exhaust and purify fumes from any project; perfect for larger OMTech laser engraving machines, it also handles welding tools, soldering stations, CNC machines, and other dust and fume-heavy applications
  • 4-LAYER FILTER: Our smoke extractor continuously pulls in your machine's fumes and debris, running them progressively through its cotton, activated carbon, and aluminum-alloy filters to absorb all your work's harmful gases and unpleasant odors
  • QUIET & EASY OPERATION: The integrated noise reduction module means your professional fume extraction gets done at less than 58 dB, keeping your working environment quiet and comfortable; hookup and use is simple; and the detachable cover allows for quick and easy filter replacement when needed
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE: This industrial air purifier's compact size — 1'3" x 10" x 1'4" — allows it to fit wherever needed, while integrated nonslip handles keep storage and transport easy between jobs or between various workstations at your shop
  • INSTALLS QUICKLY, LASTS YEARS: Clear design and helpful instructions guide quick and easy setup and installation of this heavy-duty fume extractor, which also comes with a strong 1 year warranty and OMTech's usual friendly 24/7 customer service to make sure everything keeps humming along for years to come!

#06 – LaserPecker 2(Deluxe) Laser Engraver,

LaserPecker 2(Deluxe) Laser Engraver, Engraving Machine Handheld Laser Cutter 0.05mm Compressed Spot, High Speed Grabadora Laser for Anodized Metal Wood - with Power Bank and Engraving Material Pack
  • 🎅Better Experience: The LaserPecker L2 Ultimate package increases a engraving material pack and power bank based on the L2 Premium. With the help of the power bank, eliminate the shackles of the device from the power cord, greatly enhancing the experience. The material pack contains a variety of engraving materials to make your creation more convenient.
  • 🎄Quicker: LaserPecker L2 Laser Engraver rockets up engraving speed to 36000mm/min, Frame/Graphic preview speed up to 225000mm/min. Innovative galvo technology let you enjoy the fun of quicker creation.
  • ☃️Finer Details: The compressed spot of LaserPecker L2 engraving machine is as tiny as 0.05 * 0.05mm, smaller laser spot and double lens focus create more details to make your artworks more lifelike. 3 resolution options 1k/1.3k/ 2k provide perfect details level.
  • 🦌Easier To Use: No complicated assembly is required, allowing you to get started faster. Set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. It works with Smartphone/PC connection. Engraving file format supports jpg./svg./png./bmp./Al./CDR./dwg./G-code and more.
  • 🤶More Convenient Choice: Same productivity, why not choose to take up less space? LaserPecker L2 laser cutter, small size, light weight, convenient to take on-the-go. The original handle design supports hand-held engraving, and is not limited by the engraving space.

#07 – FoxAlien Reizer 20W Desktop Laser Engraver,

FoxAlien Reizer 20W Desktop Laser Engraver, Compressed Spot 32-bit Laser Engraving Cutter Machine for Wood MDF Ceramic, Acrylic, Metal (15.75x15.75 inches Large Work Area)
  • 【0.08*0.12mm Laser Dot, 5W Optical Output】FoxAlien Reizer laser engraver equips with a 20W laser module (5W optical output). With the advanced laser technology, the laser dot is only 0.08*0.12mm, which makes the laser more powerful and precise. It has great performance both in engraving and cutting. It can cleanly cut a 6mm thick plywood in a single pass.
  • 【Dual Y-motors; Stable, Fast & Smooth】Reizer laser machine uses dual Y-axis motors. Two NEMA17 stepper motors ensure the machine run more stably and precisely than those with single Y-motor. The motors are driven by a 32-bit control board. It is more stable, faster and quieter. Engraving speed can reach 20000mm/min. It can greatly improve the carving efficiency.
  • 【Easy Assembly & Safety Protection】The machine is pre-assembly into several big parts. No complicated assembly of piece by piece. High quality aluminum profiles make the laser cutter reliable and stable. Assembly can be completed within 10-20 mins. Protective shield on the laser module can filter 97% UV light and protect your eyes.
  • 【Various Peripheral Products for Upgrade】15.75x15.75 inches (400x400mm) large engraving area meets daily DIY needs. Reizer is available for upgrade to fulfill more engraving needs such as cylindrical objects engraving. Various peripheral products are available for Reizer laser cutter, such as FoxAlien air assist pump, R42 rotary roller, offline controller, extension legs and 40W laser modules etc (sold seperately).
  • 【Wide Software Compatibility & Applications】FoxAlien Reizer is compatible with GRBL software, including Lightburn and Lasergrbl and supports file format: SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/CR2, etc. It supports Windows 7/8/10/11 and Mac OS. Great tool for wood, acrylic, leather, ceramic engraving.

#08 – LaserPecker 1 Laser Engraver,

LaserPecker 1 Laser Engraver, Mini Engraving Machine Portable Laser Etcher, Compressed Spot High Precision Grabadora Laser with Laser Safety Glasses - Black
  • 🎅The Most Useful Mini Laser Engraver: Do you want to create inspiration anytime at home? Or want to make exclusive gifts for your friends and family during the holiday season? Or want to customize your logo in small batches? LaserPecker L1 Laser Engraver meet your needs!
  • 🎄LaserPecker L1 Laser Engraver: 0.3mm Compressed Spot, engraving range: 3.9"*3.9". Focal length: 7.5"(the distance from laser unit to the surface of engraved item). Support power supply through 5V 2A mobile power supply. COULD ENGRAVEING: Wood, Kraft paper, Leather, Fruit, Felt etc. COULDN'T ENGRAVEING: Metal, Glass, plastic, stone.
  • ☃️Compact Design: LaserPecker L1 Engraving Machine is very small size, only 2.6" * 2.4" * 2.1", Weight 6 oz, can be mastered in one hand, it is a real handheld laser engraving machine. Perfect for entry-level creators, you can do a lot of inspiration without expensive prices and taking up less space.
  • 🎁Durable and Safe: Laser etching machine with high quality 1.6W laser head make durablity, better stability and long working time. Multiple safety features such as Working warning alert, Displacement automatically stops when engraving, Overheat shutdown, Enter password before work will keep you safe from accidents. Safe Certification: CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS, CDRH, IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class1), IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4). Our products support 1 year warranty and full life customer service.
  • 🦌Complete Creative Production Through APP: Our Engraving Machine controlled via bluethooth by smartphone. APP support 4 engraving modes, import images, text, drawing or painting directly; Supported File Formats: JPG / BMP /PNG /G-code etc, Photo / Vector both supported.

#09 – NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver,

NEJE 3 Max A40640 Laser Engraver, 810x460mm App Control DIY Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine Support LightBurn & LaserGRBL, 10W+ Laser Module with Auto Air Assist and Smoke Control
  • 【Top Engraving Capability】A40640 is the world's first dual-beam engraving and cutting module with a zoom design. 10W+ output power, down to 0.04mm focal length, gives the A40640 the best metal engraving capability, fast grooving capability, and thick material cutting compatibility, making it the most widely used wide range of modules. It has a top artistic performance in engraving stainless steel grayscale, stone engraving, glass engraving, hardwood relief, canvas art and other materials
  • 【Performance Improvement】The optimized A40640 II short focus is suitable for engraving hard materials such as metal stone and cutting high-density materials such as MDF; The long focus has better depth of field and smaller included angle for cutting thick wood and other materials. Due to the high power density, it has an equivalent application higher than 20W laser in large area image engraving. If you only consider 1 module to help you solve all the needs, it is the best choice
  • 【Large Engraving Area & Meet Various Engraving Needs】460x810mm is the largest engraving area on the market. At the same time, under the NEJE Win software, the engraving area can be expanded to 1030x810mm through the accessories provided by NEJE(This accessory needs to be purchased additionally). You can engrave on more than 100 materials such as balsa, wood, plastic, leather, black acrylic, etc., unleash your creativity to meet your various needs
  • 【Sturdy Structure & Easy Installation】NEJE 3 Max laser engraver machine adopts an all-metal structural frame, which makes the machine more stable and durable, and improves the engraving accuracy. NEJE 3 entire engraving machine adopts a modular design, which is easy to assemble, repair and update machine parts. The basic frame only needs 6 screws to complete the installation, and you can install other accessories according to your needs
  • 【Extensive Software Compatibility】 NEJE 3 Max laser engraver for wood and metal is compatible with various mature engraving software on the market (LaserGRBL&Lightburn), support Win 7/Win 8/XP/Win10, and Mac & IOS system. NEJE 3 Max has added APP wireless control function, under NEJE software after the image uploaded, you can unplug the USB cable for offline use. Also added low light display function in lightburn working mode

#10 – Aufero Portable Laser Engraver,

Aufero Portable Laser Engraver, Mini Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine for Wood and Metal, 32-bit Motherboard LaserGRBL(LightBurn), Eye Protection Fixed-Focus, 7.1'' x 7.1'' Engraving Area(LU2-4-LF)
  • Pre-assembled Package: The Aufero 1 portable laser engraver comes pretty much assembled; simply insert the laser head into its holding bracket and connect the two wires and it is going to work right out of the box; perfect entry-level laser engraver for the beginners and hobbyists
  • Advanced Firmware: Adopting advanced motherboard (32-bit MCU) for fast and precise engraving; processes 32 instructions and supports up to 921600 baud rate; LU2-4-LF laser module has a real luminous power of 4,500-5,500 mw and focal spot of 0.17 x 0.25 mm; with high power and long depth of filed, it is good for engraving and cutting
  • Broad Compatibility: The Aufero 1 laser engraver works with mature engraving software-LaserGRBL(free), LightBurn(paid); supports Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, Mac and Linux systems; supports BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG, SVG file types; works on food, MDF, paperboard, plywood, black acrylic, leather, powder-coated metal, stone, etc
  • 4 Safety Protection: Built with 4 protections: active position protection, exposure duration detection and limitation, laser beam safety guard and current safety control system; full safety protection allows you to hook on your project without any worry
  • Dual Eye Protection: The Aufero 1 laser engraving machine features a protective cover that effectively filters 97% UV light and protects your eyes from dazzling beam; comes with a pair of goggles for more protection; kind reminder: do not stare into the beam

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