10 Stockli Laser Ax Review 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Stockli Laser Ax Review 2023 – The Stockli Laser AX and the Stockli Laser AR are the two widest skis in the piste Laser lineup, while the AX is somewhat narrower underfoot (78 mm) than the AR. Both of them employ Stockli’s Light Core and two sheets of metal, but there are some variances as well.


Stockli Laser Ax Review 2023

#01 – 2023 Stockli Laser SX Skis w/ SRT 12 Bindings

#02 – 2023 Stockli Montero AX Skis

2023 Stockli Montero AX Skis
  • Sidecut: 124/80/112 mm at 163 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 13.5 meters at 163 cm length
  • Full Sidewall Construction
  • All Mountain Rocker
  • Wood Core

#03 – Volk Ski Strap and Pole Carrier

#04 – Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier |

#05 – Ski Carrier Strap, Snowboard,

Ski Carrier Strap, Snowboard, Pole and Boot Carry Sling Strap Kit Adjustable Cushioned Shoulder Back Band for Family Men Women & Kids, Downhill Skiing Equipment Accessories (Durable Plastic)
  • 🎿 Ski Carrier Strap Kit: Two adjustable skiing band, one is for snowboard and pole, another is for ski boot, easily carrying all your skiing equipment up and down mountain, free your hand and protect your equipment from damage!
  • 🎿 Flexible Adjust Strap: Ski carry holder includes adjustable band and velcro to hold your skis and poles all in one shoulder ski sling. Long extend band can meet different width skis, adjustable shoulder strap make it suit for adult and kid, perfect for family use.
  • 🎿 Durable Quality: Made with strong nylon, EVA and tough buckle, this long-lasting design will survive multiple seasons. It can protect your skis from scratch or damage, and it's very economic compare to ski bag. the boot carrier strap also can be used for roller skates or ice skate, take your boots anywhere you need.
  • 🎿 Ergonomic Design: Equipped with slide EVA cushion, effectively relieve the skis press on your back or shoulder, make it very comfortable to carry, even children can take their skiboard easily.
  • 🎿 Convenient to Use: Lightweight band, easy to fold, when you carry your skis to mountain top by this strap, just put strap in your bag or pocket then you can enjoy downhill skiing, so easy!

#06 – Sklon Adult Ski and Pole Carrier Strap Harness

#07 – Mt. Sun Gear Cross Country Ski Wraps

Mt. Sun Gear Adjustable Cross Country XC Ski Wraps. Ski Straps Fastener Tape Ski Accessories Great for Carrying Ski Gear - Men and Women (Pack 2 - Black)
  • ✔️High quality, lightweight cross country ski straps- strong, thick (3/16") and protective!
  • ✔️Protect your wax job and keep those skis ready to glide whether for a fun day or the big race! Prevents bases from rubbing together after a tune/ wax job.
  • ✔️Large Eva Pad - Ski wraps measure 1.75" tall x 5.5" long (pad) with a 6" hook and look strap to wrap. Can be cut to fit as necessary.
  • ✔️Kids Skis - Also work great for kids downhill skis.

#08 – Sukoa Ski and Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap

Sukoa Ski and Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap - Men & Women - Shoulder Sling Tote Leash Also for Ice Skates & Rollerblades - Equipment Accessories for Bag, Kit and Gear Pack
  • Shoulder sling design lets you effortlessly take your boots anywhere at your convenience.
  • This option is for Snowboard Boots. Fasten to boot loops to always have dry and toasty boots.
  • Folds easily to conveniently put in your bag or pockets. Enjoy the slopes without any extra weight.
  • Solidly built to survive multiple seasons and prevent costly replacements.
  • 1.5 “ sling width prevents the sling from digging into your shoulders. Order Now.

#09 – Kroop’s Triple-Slot Goggles

Kroop's Triple-Slot Goggles - Great for sports such as Horse Racing, Winter Cycling, Skydiving, or other activities. Protection from Wind, Dust, Dirt, Snow and Rain. Made in the USA. White / Clear
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT - We make these goggles from very light weight materials to make sure you can comfortably wear them for long periods of time.
  • VENTED - Anti fog ventilation holes to keep your view clear. Combined with our very thin frame gives an unobstructed view of your surroundings so you don't miss what is going on around you.
  • SOFT LENSES - Our lens is scratch resistant and flexible. This helps the goggle to comfortably shape to your face to create a tight seal. Triple slot design allows you to wear these over thick helmets while still making contact with your face.
  • HEAVY DUTY HEADBAND - Ensures that your goggles stay where you adjust them. The thin elastic headband is made so you can also wear it under or over helmet. You don't want them falling off at during a freefall or speeding down a trail.
  • VERSATILE - Made for both Men and Women, these goggles are ideal for most situations where you want to keep wind and light debris from your eyes. Use them for sports, mowing / yard work, riding bike, or even in the desert at Burning Man. These lenses are not impact resistant, check out our 13-Five or I.K. 91 goggles to protect against impact. All of our goggles are proudly made in the USA.

#10 – FANBX F Crampon Traction Cleats Anti-Skid

FANBX F Crampon Traction Cleats Anti-Skid Traction Grips Crampons Spikes 7 Point Cleats for Footwear for Walking, Jogging, Hiking, Mountaineering Ice Snow Grips (Black)
  • SIZE ADJUSTABLE -- Adjusts to boot sizes from 3.5 to 10.5;
  • TRACTION -- 7 points spikes for a good traction on the forefeet in varieties terrain;
  • NON-SLIP CLEATS -- Attached to footwear to improve mobility and safety for walking and trudging;
  • COMPATIBILITY -- Compatible for all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountaineering boots;
  • APPLICATION -- Designed for crossing snowfields and icefields on low angled slopes;

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